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21st of November, 2019 中文版
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Privacy Terms

2016-01-22 17:34:29
Your personal information will be used for fulfilling YOYO.casa marketing activities and will be treated confidentially.

We intend to use and provide to others your personal data (name, mobile number, email and correspondence address) for direct marketing, and we may not do so unless we have received your consent (which includes an indication of no objection). We would like to contact you about YOYO.casa products, services and promotional events; and those offered by our business partners in relation to banking, travelling, entertainments, telecoms and government utilities. We do not sell or trade your personal data with third parties but it may be used by or provided to (within or outside Hong Kong/Macau) (a) YOYOMO LIMITED; (b) third party reward, loyalty, co-branding or privileges programme providers relating to YOYO ID products and services; and banking, travelling, entertainments, telecoms and government utilities for their direct marketing purposes.
if you do not wish to receive any further news from us. You can also choose not to receive these marketing notifications and/or request us not to transfer your personal data by contacting our customer service officer at +852 6825 8169. You can also choose not to receive such marketing materials by selecting the unsubscribe option which we provide in each email, sms or mms sent to you, or otherwise inform us.
Do not reveal personal information – YOYO.casa will never ask you to validate your personal data by email, phone or through other channels. You should not respond to such emails, letters, websites or phone calls. Do not follow links from an email and do not click on a link contained in a suspicious email. Always sign in from your browser by typing http://www.yoyo.casa into the address bar or add yoyo.casa to your list of favourites.